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With our solutions, we minimize the pain of implementation. We pride ourselves on offering solutions that alleviate rather than exacerbate these burdens. Our approach is centered around simplicity and efficiency.

Our plug-and-play deployment, rapid setup, and seamless adaptability mean less hassle for our customers. Our technology boasts effortless adaptability, facilitating easy changes as operational needs evolve, all without requiring significant infrastructure alterations. In essence, we don't just provide a product; we offer a seamless transition that minimizes disruptions and maximizes productivity for warehouse operations.

Our Solutions for Your Needs

ZONE PICKING divides a warehouse into zones, where employees are stationed, so they don't have to cover miles on foot. Instead, they wait in their zones for robots to bring or pick up the products.


Consequently, robots can cover greater distances than humans without fatigue, accomplish tasks swiftly, and significantly enhance productivity.

Exponential Productivity

See Bottobo Pixer

"Meet Pixer, your trusty sidekick in the world of automation! With its autonomous prowess and knack for picking up to 80kg, Pixer is here to make your operations smoother and your workload lighter. Welcome to the future of efficiency!"

Saving time on multi-floor tasks

Our patented technologies will give you back the time you've spent on mezzanine tasks.


Bottobo robots autonomously navigate between floors using their own elevators, eliminating the need for human intervention.


Additionally, their multi-ground wheels enable smooth movement even on challenging surfaces.

Check our Products

"Say hello to Pixer and Flux, your dynamic duo of autonomous helpers! From picking operations to heavy lifting, they're here to revolutionize your workflow with efficiency and charm. Welcome to the future of logistics!"

Picking Accuracy

Order accuracy is crucial as it has a significant impact on customer satisfaction. Incorrect deliveries not only negatively impacts the customer, but also incur additional costs and time investment, requiring extra labor to rectify the error.

Our Intelligence Tower and Trolley, crafted to address this issue, utilize Put2Light technology. This system guides the worker through lights, ensuring accurate placement of products in the designated basket.

Fast tech adaption w/o infrastructure change

As our robots are entirely autonomous, there's no need for infrastructure adjustments or QR codes. This feature enables instant deployment of the robots, simplifying implementation processes seamlessly.

 Our system supports various operations including picking, sorting, putaway, and return tasks, as well as mezzanine solutions.





No interruption

We know that you cannot afford disruption in your operations, and you definitely don't have to.


We will be in collaboration with your IT teams to facilitate seamless integration, ensuring uninterrupted operations.


Bottobo can connect with any WMS system, enabling the effortless deployment of our flexible and scalable robotics solution to your workplace.


Our operations involving human interaction adhere to industry-standard regulations, including CE certification and other relevant certifications, ensuring compliance with safety and quality standards.​


The safety systems of Bottobo AMRs utilize both 2D LiDAR and depth camera to facilitate safe operation alongside human workers in dynamic warehouses.


With these advanced systems in place, Bottobo robots effectively navigate around obstacles and prevent collisions, ensuring the safety of your employees.​The most important part is...


By assigning the most physically demanding and hazardous tasks to Bottobo, your employees can dedicate their time to more productive tasks. This approach reduces the risk of injuries, while also minimizing unnecessary walking.

Adaptable robot quantity for fluctuating demands.

It's the time of the year and you can't meet the seasonal demands!!! NO PROBLEM!


 Just tell us that you need more, and add as many robots as you need to your fleet. They already know your warehouse and there is no need  for a new integration.

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