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Bottobo Flux

A versatile Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) designed to streamline warehouse operations by effortlessly transporting trolleys and pallets.

Productivity up to 4X

The Bottobo Flux revolutionizes warehouse logistics by providing a collaborative solution for heavy-duty orders and bulk picking tasks. It's a game-changer in various industries, including e-commerce and manufacturing.


With its advanced capabilities, the Bottobo Flux significantly boosts productivity, offering an impressive fourfold increase compared to conventional methods. By efficiently navigating through warehouse spaces, it minimizes time spent on transportation tasks, liberating warehouse staff from repetitive walking duties.

Furthermore, our robot seamlessly integrates with AI technology, enabling real-time analysis and optimization of high-volume orders. This intelligent integration ensures efficient order fulfillment, maximizing throughput and accuracy while effortlessly adapting to evolving warehouse environments.

Engineered to handle heavy orders and streamline bulk picking tasks using trolleys and pallets. With its customizable feature, it's optimized for a range of picking operations, making it ideal for seamless integration into various operational environments.

Customize your operations


Bottobo Flux is capable of transporting heavy loads of up to 1 ton using trolleys and pallets. Safety is paramount in our design philosophy.


Equipped with state-of-the-art safety features such as lidars, 3D camera sensors, and intelligent algorithms, our robot prioritizes workplace safety, fostering a harmonious and secure environment for all workers.

Fast Integration

Similar to its counterpart, Bottobo Flux operates autonomously without requiring any infrastructure adjustments or the use of QR codes. Our solution enables instant deployment of the robots, simplifying implementation processes seamlessly.

User Interface

Equipped with a user-friendly interface on its tablet, our robot offers comprehensive information on order processes and details, supporting multiple languages for enhanced accessibility. This intuitive feature fosters seamless interaction between workers and the robot, facilitating harmonious collaboration.


By providing clear instructions and support in various languages, the interface ensures that workers can easily adapt to and efficiently work alongside the robot, optimizing operational efficiency.

Our Flux robot boasts a wireless battery and charging unit, ensuring a safe working environment free from cumbersome cables. With rapid charging capabilities, the robot can quickly replenish its power, minimizing downtime and enabling near-continuous operation without disrupting workflow.


This efficient charging system empowers the robots to work seamlessly and tirelessly, contributing to enhanced productivity and operational efficiency within the warehouse.

Wireless Charging

Our innovative smartwatch companion designed to assist warehouse workers seamlessly. Equipped with intuitive features, the smartwatch notifies workers of robot activity as they await their designated zones. Once a robot is prepared to retrieve a product and stationed in front of the shelves, the system prompts the worker accordingly, ensuring efficient coordination between human operators and our autonomous mobile robots.


This streamlined communication process enhances workflow efficiency, optimizing productivity within the warehouse environment.


Flux Features

1.000kg Payload

1.5 m/s

800mm Width,
1800mm Height

250kg (battery included)

Wireless Charging
8 hours battery life with 30mins charging

Safety Systems
Safety PLC, 2D Lidar, Emergency Button, Emergency Led, 3D Camera

Free Navigation with Fleet Management System

Maximum Lifting Height: 150mm

Minimum Aisle Width: 1200mm

Battery Capacity
24 Volt - 84 Ah(LiFePO4) with BMS

Battery Cycles
>6000 Complete Cycles Charging Fully

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