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Bottobo Pixer

Fully collaborative autonomous mobile robot in optimizing warehouse picking operations in various industries from the e-commerce to the manufacturing.

Productivity up to 4X

It enhances productivity, achieving up to a remarkable 4 times increase compared to traditional methods by efficiently navigating long distances within the warehouse.


Our robot alleviates the burden of repetitive walking tasks from warehouse workers. It integrates seamlessly with an AI-based engine, allowing it to analyze and optimize high-volume orders in real-time.

This intelligent integration ensures that the robot efficiently fulfills orders, maximizing throughput and accuracy while adapting to dynamic warehouse conditions.

Additionally, our innovative Pick2light functionality serves as a safeguard against human errors, providing intuitive guidance to workers throughout the fulfillment process, ensuring efficiency and accuracy every step of the way.

Introducing our autonomous mobile robot equipped with customizable bins tailored for various picking operations, alongside a versatile



Robocart designed to streamline bulk picking tasks. These adaptable features empower customers to seamlessly integrate the robot into diverse operational environments. 

Customize your operations


Engineered to work alongside human counterparts, it effortlessly adapts to fluctuating workflows, enhancing productivity and efficiency.


With built-in safety features , including lidars and 3D camera sensors and intelligent algorithms, our robot prioritizes workplace safety, ensuring a harmonious and secure working environment for all.

Fast Integration

Since they are fully autonomous, no infrastructure adjustments and eliminating the need for QR codes. Our solution allows for instant deployment of the robots, streamlining implementation processes effortlessly.


You can use different type of operations such as picking, sorting, putaway and return tasks and in mezzanine solutions.

User Interface

Equipped with a user-friendly interface on its tablet, our robot offers comprehensive information on order processes and details, supporting multiple languages for enhanced accessibility. This intuitive feature fosters seamless interaction between workers and the robot, facilitating harmonious collaboration.


By providing clear instructions and support in various languages, the interface ensures that workers can easily adapt to and efficiently work alongside the robot, optimizing operational efficiency.

Engineered with advanced navigation capabilities to seamlessly navigate mezzanine floors and traverse diverse floor environments within the warehouse. Utilizing cutting-edge fusion technology, which integrates 3D lidar and cameras, the Pixer effortlessly maneuvers through narrow aisles and adapts to various warehouse conditions with precision.


Additionally, our Pixer robot seamlessly integrates with our Bottobo Lift product, a dedicated lifter designed to facilitate multi-floor travel, further enhancing the robot's efficiency and versatility in warehouse operations.

Multi-Floor Capability

Our Pixer robot boasts a wireless battery and charging unit, ensuring a safe working environment free from cumbersome cables.


With rapid charging capabilities, the robot can quickly replenish its power, minimizing downtime and enabling near-continuous operation without disrupting workflow.


This efficient charging system empowers the robots to work seamlessly and tirelessly, contributing to enhanced productivity and operational efficiency within the warehouse.

Wireless Charging


Our innovative smartwatch companion designed to assist warehouse workers seamlessly. Equipped with intuitive features, the smartwatch notifies workers of robot activity as they await their designated zones.


Once a robot is prepared to retrieve a product and stationed in front of the shelves, the system prompts the worker accordingly, ensuring efficient coordination between human operators and our autonomous mobile robots.


This streamlined communication process enhances workflow efficiency, optimizing productivity within the warehouse environment.


Exceptional Quality

100kg Payload

1.8 m/s

600mm Width,
1800mm Height

48kg (battery included)

Wireless Charging
8 hours battery life with 30mins charging

Safety Systems
Safety PLC, 2D Lidar, Emergency Button, Emergency Led, 3D Camera

Free Navigation with Fleet Management System

Maximum Lifting Height: 100mm

Minimum Aisle Width: 850mm

Battery Capacity
24 Volt - 42 Ah(LiFePO4) with BMS

Battery Cycles
>6000 Complete Cycles Charging Fully

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